Project: Eden Flowers

Screenshot of Eden Flowers website

It seems a long time ago now, when I first meet my partner Amanda, yet I remember it clearly, it was 2003 and at the time she was the owner of Eden Flowers a florist in the picturesque Cotswold village of Burford.  The shop had been trading for a number of years, but didn’t have a website, and I suggested that it would probably be a good idea to invest in one.

One of the problems of being a small business, as anybody who’s in that situation would know, is that cash flow can sometimes be tight. And preliminary enquiries suggested that having a professional website built wasn’t going to be affordable, so dutifully I declared that I would create one for her!!

So where does one start, I had no programming skills at all, and the language of HTML and CSS seemed very foreign to me indeed back then.  So, I headed down to the local book store, to see if there was anything I could find.  Hours later after perusing the shelves I came away with “SAMS Teach yourself HTML in 21 days”.  Now I can hear you shouting from here, “you can’t learn a programming language in 21 days” and you would be absolutely right.  However, what it did do was lay some real solid foundations in the principals of web design.

Armed with that knowledge, and Amanda’s design ideas I was able to create a website that at the time was ideal for introducing people to Eden flowers. Through the years as design ideas changed the website took on many variations, all the while reinforcing my knowledge in the basics of HTML and CSS and eventually Javascript.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I kept the original code for those designs but I’ll have a rummage around in some old hard drives that I’ve kept to see if there is anything on them. In the meantime the current website can be found at if you would like to take a look.

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