In the beginning

After much deliberation, in February 2018 I enrolled on to the Open University’s Computing and IT degree course.  I’ve always had a fascination with computers from a young age and throughout my working life have always thought about moving into the IT industry.  Understandably, it isn’t that easy to find employment without the correct qualifications and so the only real route that I could see that was going to get me the job I probably should of been doing years ago was to get a suitable qualification.

Six months in, and two modules later, I am half way through my first year and it’s suddenly dawned on me that I ought to begin showcasing some of my work. So what better way than to start a blog.  My experience in HTML, CSS and Javascript is admittedly limited, and obviously I considered coding it myself right, however I needed to get the ball rolling swiftly and to try and get a fully featured blog up and running on my experience was going to take time, so I looked to WordPress, knowing that an off the shelf blog was going to get me up and running quickly.

So over the next couple of years, as I get more involved in my degree course, I plan on adding posts about the different modules I am studying at the Open University, as well as adding information about the projects that I have been working on in my own time.

I hope you enjoy…

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