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I first became interested in web development and programming when I met my wife, Amanda. She owned a flower shop and needed a website, I took the initiative, and started to learn HTML and then CSS. Each year, I would re-design the website, updating and modernising it. The experience I gained by learning and practising these two front end development languages has given me a solid foundation to move forward and start learning programming languages.

Initially and logically, I started learning JavaScript, to help manipulate and program my web pages. This subsequently, lead me to explore the processingJS library, JQuery, SQL, PHP, and Python. At the moment I have come across the FreeCodeCamp website, which I am working my way through. My desire is too continue learning these languages, gaining knowledge and experience that I can use to help find employment in the development community.

Below are examples of some of the web designs I have created, programs I have created using the above languages, which vary from fun games to programs showing how the basics of different languages work can be viewed by following my social links at the bottom of the page, notable codepen. In the future, I plan on posting larger and more elaborate designs and programs that I have made or collaborated on.

Last updated: 26th September 2016

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Eden Flowers Burford

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